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About Josh

Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina offers a platform for leaders, innovators, experts and interesting people to discuss their views on the most pressing issues of the day on the topics of business, housing, transportation and education. This podcast intends to give an extended voice to people from all perspectives in the community to discuss the immense challenges we face, and seek solutions. It is also my goal to create an audio archive of candid conversations with the people who have helped shape this community, past, present and future. 

Santa Barbara Talks is my creative endeavor. I have spent countless hours interviewing sources and sharing their perspectives with Santa Barbara readers throughout my 20-year career in journalism. Their published quotes represented a mere fraction of our interaction. This podcast is my effort to bring complete conversations with key local figures to life in a format that allows their stories to be told and their voices to be heard on the important issues that matter to all of us.

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